Riverscapes Analysis Visualization Explorer


RAVE is brought to you for free by the Riverscapes Consortium. It is how you visualize and explore any Riverscapes Project found in the Riverscapes Warehouse.


North Arrow Research developed the RAVE suite of tools.

For a complete list of developers and their contributions, see Github ArcRAVE and QRAVE repositories.

Project Curators

Part of what makes RAVE useful is that layers are added to the map using consistent, meaingful symbology that has been carefully developed by the Riverscapes Project Curators Team based largely in the Utah State University Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab.

For a complete list of curators and developers and their contributions, see Github RiverscapesXML Repository.


RAVE development has been funded primarily by the Bureau of Land Management and Anabranch Solutions. BLM has supproted the development of ArcRAVE & WebRAVE. This support has been through co-operative agreements between BLM and Utah State University, with subawards to North Arrow Research.

Anabranch Solutions funded the development of QRAVE, so that a completely free, open-source GIS alternative to access RAVE from within QGIS was accessible to those without access to ESRI’s ArcGIS.